Friday, December 30, 2011

Ulta3 - Tahitian Lime



Ulta3 - Tahitian Lime
3 coats
Poshe top coat

Tahitian Lime is a bright, almost fluro green creme. The most colour accurate photos are the bottle picture and the sun picture above. The formula was fine. Just like normal Australian made Ulta3's. Tahitian lime had probably the best formula out of the collection. The brushes are different now too. They are clear bristles rather than black. I haven't noticed anything other than the colour being different but I haven't compared them side by side yet.


  1. Such a beautiful green :)
    I bought this one yesterday.

  2. This shade is so good for Summer. I don't know why but I'm keen on greens too even though they don't always look great on me. Maybe time to go on a bin dive at the Chemist soon LOL!

  3. I'm thinking of going to the chemist soon too. The new Ulta3 Gelato colletion is out :)

  4. I saw this at the shops and loved it, but thought nah its not really my colour...the next day, I went back and bought it. Can't go wrong for $2!

    1. Yeah $2 isn't a big loss to test drive a colour. :)


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