Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Holly Nails

Here's my first Christmas mani! I used my 3 China Glaze nail polishes from the Let It Snow Collection. I used 3 coats of Twinkle Lights for the base, Holly-Day for the holly leaves and Poinsettia for the berries. I had originally planned to use a Bundle Monster plate for the holly but the stamp wasn't clear enough against Twinkle Lights. I ended up free handing the holly. I used a small straight edged nail art brush and splodged on the leaves. I know they don't look much like holly leaves but you get the point. Then I used a dotting tool for the berries. 

So what do you think of my first ever Christmas manicure? I've got another one planned and hopefully I find some time on Friday afternoon to do it. I have to clean my room first because my Aunt is coming to stay and she's getting my room. I'm going to camp outside in a tent, I'm actually quite excited. I only have to work 3.5 hours on Friday and then I get 2 weeks holiday, I can't wait!


  1. I love it! I have been meaning to get myself some nail art brushes,as I want to do more nail art in the new year. :-)

  2. Thanks! I also plan on doing some more nail art next year. :)

  3. I like it! My bottle of Twinkle Lights isn't as opaque as yours; maybe I needed to shake it up better. :)

  4. Thanks Karen :)

    I think I may have done thicker coats for this one. I just had a look at your blog, wow 4 Helmers! I don't need 1 yet but I'm sure I will soon!


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