Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ozotic Pro - Mosaic White

Ozotic Pro - Mosaic White (Worn over piCture pOlish - Bombshell)
1 Coat
Top Coat - Amour

This combination was suggested to me by my boyfriend. I wasn't sure how the white would look over a dark colour but it's quite opaque. I think I may have used a fairly thick coat and it cracked fast. I got this with a special deal from piCture pOlish. They used to sell it but I don't see it listed on their website any more.


  1. Well, this kind of layer is very popular here in Brazil. I particularly like the silver and black ones but I liked this one of your. White and blue got pretty cool!
    Esmaltes, Make-Up & Cia.

  2. this makes me think of winter and ice : ) I like it!

  3. Thanks girls, it does look like water and ice! I didn't even notice that haha.


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