Monday, December 26, 2011

BYS - Matte & Essie - Matte About You Comparison

BYS is a brand that has a go at everything; crackle, colour change, an Alice in wonderland themed collection and Matte nail polish. Maybe they will try magnetic next! I haven't tried any of the others I listed but I hope they do a better job of them than their Matte nail polish. Here is BYS - Matte Top Coat compared against Amour - High Gloss Top Coat over BYS - GI Jane.

It's only slightly more matte than the top coat. For me this is not matte enough, it just dulls the shine. Essie does a really great Matte top coat so I've compared it below to Essie - Matte About You:

 You can see how well Essie works, BYS looks just like a regular top coat now. Below is BYS and Essie over Sally Hansen - Pixel Pretty:

My recommendation is to spend the extra money on a good quality matte top coat like Essie - Matte About You. I've bought a BYS colour change nail polish to see how well that works and I've also got the BYS Alice In Wonderland collection. I don't have another colour change or the O.P.I. Alice In Wonderland collection to compare against but you can still see their quality when I post them.


  1. Hello,
    I was just wondering where can you buy Essie & Ulta3 polishes in Australia? I'm coming over from NZ in a couple of months and want to know where to look (:

    1. I hope you enjoy your visit to Australia! Ulta3 polishes are available from most Terry White, Soul Pattinson, and Blooms Chemists. There is an app on the Ulta3 facebook page that lets you search for stockists but it only works on the computer:

      You can get Essie from Myer although it's usually pretty expensive ($18.95 each!) unless they are having a sale. Most of the time I buy Essie polishes online from a US store like Head2Toe Beauty.

      Hope this helps! :)


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