Friday, December 30, 2011

Ulta3 - Summer Siren Collection 2011

It's about time I posted the Ulta 3 Summer Collection. It's been Summer for a month now and it feels like it's barely begun. We have had some hot days but overall it's been a very mild Summer this year.

The Summer Siren Collection consists of seven cremes and one shimmer. Just in case one green wasn't enough they've given us three! I'm not complaining, I like the greens. This is the first collection released since the production sadly moved to China. I was quite proud that Ulta3 was Australian made. I know a few other girls aren't happy about it either but I guess they will be making a bigger profit now and hopefully using that to release more frequent collections. I have noticed that a few of the Australian made colours that are now being made in China are slightly different shades to the original. I noticed a significant change in the formula of this collection and you can read about each one in future posts.


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