Friday, December 16, 2011

piCture pOlish - Festival

I managed to get home early from work after the Christmas party so I had time to swatch Festival. There was barely any sun left in my backyard and it kept disappearing behind the clouds so some photos aren't in the best light. Please excuse the state of my nails, two of them are broken and I need to grow them out so I can shape them properly.


Festival over Black
2 Coats

Festival is a multicoloured flakie polish. It has orange, yellow, green and blue flakes. This is gorgeous! I used two coats because one coat wasn't enough. The formula was thick but I think that's because it's a suspension nail polish base. If your going to wear top coat over this either make sure it's dry, or wipe off your brush after each nail, otherwise you will get some stray flakes in your top coat.  The black I'm wearing is just a no name $2 shop black nail polish, the brand is "e". This is still available from piCture pOlish, I got mine during the pre-sale.  piCture pOlish is bringing out more flakies next year! You can see previews on their website. Here's the  macro shot:

Here's Festival over other colours, you can see the sun light slowly decreasing in each photo. I ran out of sunlight while doing Denim but I included it anyway.

Festival over piCture pOlish - Bombshell

Festival over piCture pOlish - Wisteria

Festival over Sally Hansen - Pronto Purple

Festival over piCture pOlish - Watermelon

Festival over piCture pOlish  - Denim

So what do you think of piCture pOlish's first flakie? I love it! I can't wait for the others. One looks like it's a blue/aqua/red flakie and the other looks similar to Nubar 2010 a red/orange/green flakie.


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