Sunday, December 18, 2011

Orly - Space Cadet

Did anyone else south of Sydney notice the bright red sky around 5am this morning? I woke up because my boyfriend was going to work and saw it. Crazy! It sort of matches today's post.

Orly - Space Cadet
4 Coats
Top Coat: Seche

Space Cadet is from the Cosmic FX Fall 2010 Collection. It's red/orange/yellow colour shift glitter flecks in a blue/grey base. This one seemed to be the most talked about colour from the collection but I don't prefer it over Halley's Comet or Lunar Eclipse. The colour shift is more noticeable on the nail with Space Cadet. It's coming off a little purple in my pictures but I think it's just something to do with the base being blue. I just painted one of my nails to check and I'm not seeing the purple.


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