Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Gloss 'n Sparkle - Strawberry Jive

               NAIL POLISH INFO 
Brand: Gloss 'n Sparkle
Name: Strawberry Jive
Coats For Opacity: 2
Year: 2012
Colour: Pink
Finish: Glitter
Formula: Big 3 Free
Made In: Australia
Volume: 12ml | 0.41 fl oz
Price: $9.00 (AUD)
Where To Buy:  
Gloss 'n Sparkle 

Coming soon to Shoppe Eclecticco!


  1. This is really pretty! But perhaps a bit too girly for me, pink isn't really my thing. It makes me think of bubble gum! :)

    1. I'm starting to think pink is growing on me, and this one does look like bubble gum. Mmmm bubble gum. :)

  2. So pretty, strawberry and honeycomb milkshake anyone?

  3. So excited Gloss 'n Sparkle is going international! This one has been on my list of lemmings for sometime!

    I don't usually go for pinks, either. I have neutral skin tone but a lot of pink in my hands (esp. in the fall and winter), and wearing any kind of pink or red seems to really showcase that. It's better for me to stay more purple-y or go super warm with a gold, for example (I don't get it at all!). I can't resist a glitter like this one, though! I just think they're so fun to look at. I think this would be a really great spring polish, and from your swatches here, it's base actually looks just cool enough that it wouldn't look *so* bad on me.

    1. I'm excited that you can get your hands on these too! Gloss 'n Sparkle makes great polishes!. I hope this one suits you. :)


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