Saturday, November 17, 2012

Color Club - Angel Kiss

               NAIL POLISH INFO 
Brand: Color Club
Name: Angel Kiss
Coats For Opacity: 2
Collection: Halo Hues
Year: 2012
Colour: Green
Finish: Holographic
Formula: Big 3 Free
Made In: USA
Volume: 15ml | 0.5 fl oz
Price: ~$6.73 - $9.68 (AUD)
Where To Buy: 
TransDesign $6.95 (USD)
Head2Toe Beauty $8 (USD)
8ty8 Beauty $8 (USD)
Color Club $10 (USD)
Crush Cosmetics $8.95 (AUD)


  1. This is also my favourite of the bunch, because the base colour is so pretty, also when it's not in direct sunlight. We don't have much sun here at this time of year, so it needs to be pretty outside the sun too! :)

    1. I'm indoors most of the day at work even when it's sunny here so I appreciate a pretty base colour in holos. :)


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