Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sally Hasen Insta-Dri - Slick Slate


Sally Hansen Insta-Dri - Slick Slate
2 coats
Sech Vite Top Coat

Slick Slate is a slightly purple toned light brown creme. The only colour accurate photo I took was in the sunlight. Nice formula and dry to touch in about 4 minutes depending on how thick of a coat you use. I used a fairly thick coat when I tested the dry time. Looks like I forgot my middle   finger when doing clean up, whoops! Well, it gives you an example of what my nails look like pre clean up.

I'm getting up very early today, earlier than this post is scheduled to be published. I'm doing a sunrise photography course. I'm leaving my house at 3:30am because the course is an hour and a half away! I hope I get some good photos. I'll share them if I take any good ones. I hope the sun's out when I get home so I can do some swatching!

I went to the Harry Potter exhibition yesterday. It was very good, it's a shame you can't take photos. If any of you are going I suggest you check the price of merchandise on eBay. They were charging about double the price at the exhibition shop. I'm going to buy a few of the things on eBay and save my money.


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