Monday, January 16, 2012

Bundle Monster Stamping - BM-223


Base: Ulta3 - Frangipani, Ulta3 - Sunset Pink, Ulta 3 - Blue Marlin

Stamp: e - Black (no name)
Plate: BM-223

For the base I sponged on Ulta3 - Frangipani on the tip at an angle. Then I sponged on Ulta3 - Sunset Pink on the same angle across the middle. Lastly I sponged on Ulta3 - Blue Marlin on the base following the same angle. I stamped the zebra stripes over the top from Bundle Monster plate BM-223 with my cheap dollar shop black. I got the inspiration for this from a lunch cooler bag in a back to school catalogue. I can't find the catalogue to show you.


  1. This looks great, superb stamping!

  2. Thanks girls! Though I did smudge the stamp on my middle finger a little.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, it wasn't 100% my idea, I got the design out of a back to school catalogue :P

  4. Beautiful! I tried out my BM plates last night - I'm definitely not gifted at stamping!

    1. Keep trying it just takes practise. :) Which Bundle Monster set do you have? I hear there's a new set coming out this year!

  5. Fantastic. Love seeing the Ulta3 polishes in action!! This combo looks awesome!

  6. Look soooo good! Brights always make me happy!

  7. Hello:)

    This mani is very beautiful! Love the base colors!:)

    Have a nice day ^-^


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