Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mariah Carey by O.P.I Collection Preview

Studio Shades: 
A Butterfly Moment (This sophisticated and frosty tan nude has us all a-flutter) 
Sprung (Fall hopelessly in love with this shimmery copper) 
Pink Yet Lavender (This pink glitter with lavender shimmer has superstar shine!) 
Anti-bleak (This deep, creamy purple will lift your spirits) 

 Stage Shades: 
Stay the Night (Make it last in this matte black with red glints) 
 Get Your Number (Wearing this matte blue with sparkles is a great call) 
Can’t Let Go (Hold onto this matte purple with dazzling sparkle) 
The Impossible (This matte fuchsia with star confetti will never give up) 

I'm interested to see what the stage shades look like. They are matte glitters with O.P.I's new Liquid Sand formula so it sounds like they will be gritty. I'm liking the look of Sprung, Stay The Night and Can't Let Go. These shades are limited edition and will be available in January 2013.

Images source: Scrangie


  1. OMG- I really want Pink Yet Lavender and Stay the Night

    1. I wonder if Pink Yet Lavender is a layering glitter or it builds up on it's own, hopefully we'll see swatches soon. :)


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