Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Christmas Nail Polish Haul

I went to my draft posts to see what I can post for tomorrow and discovered that I've used them all! It's too late to do anything now so all have is a picture of the nail polishes I got for Christmas. This was taken on my iPhone, if you follow me on Twitter you will have already seen it.

I can't remember the names but I've got some O.P.I minis, Ulta3, Klean Color, Sally Hansen, Essie, BYS, Revlon, Scandal and the ones in the tube, I think they were Earth? You can expect to see some of these on my blog soon. If you want to see some sooner than the others just let me know and I'll move it up my to swatch list. I've also got about another 20 nail polishes in my  to swatch box, they are all listed on the My Collection page

Sorry about the boring post today. If the sun comes out I will swatch like crazy tomorrow. I just checked the weather and they say it will be partly cloudy and 23 degrees. I've got my fingers crossed for sunshine!

What nail polish did you get for Christmas?


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