Friday, December 30, 2011

My Top 5 of 2011

I got addicted to nail polish about halfway through this year and most of the nail polishes I bought since then have been from pre 2011 collections. So after looking through my stash for 2011 released nail polishes I decided on my top 5, these are not in any particular order.

From left to right:
China Glaze - Black Mesh
Ulta3 - Orchid
Ulta3 - Twilight Fever
Ulta3 - Pacific Fever
piCture pOlish - Festival

Whoa! Check out my freaky skin. It almost looks like one of those fake hands. I remember editing this photo heavily and I guess this was the result. This is one of my earlier swatches so sorry about the quality. I have very unevenly shaped nails but at least they are mostly the same length. You can see some of my very shocking swatches if you look at my first few posts. Anyway, Black Mesh, cracks fast and is opaque. It's my only black crackle but it's perfect for me.


Picture quality is slowly getting better. I loved this one as soon as I bought it. I tried it out in the shop just after paying. It's a gorgeous brown creme with purple shimmer. I recommend this one even if you aren't into Twilight, I'm not!


I didn't love this one at first. But when I swatched it I realised how beautiful it was. It's a shimmer but I think it's also glass fleck. I haven't been around nail polish long enough to accurately pick the finishes. Maybe someone else who owns this can clarify the finish for me.


I bumped this one up in the order that I'm posting the Summer Siren collection in so this wouldn't be the first time you see it. If you missed the other post from today of Orchid click the link under the picture to read it. This was another one I didn't love until I swatched it. It's more red toned in real life.


piCture pOlish recently released three flakie polishes. I thought that Hypnotic was my favourite but after looking at Festival again I changed my mind. There's so many different colours in this one; orange, green, red, blue and yellow. The flakes aren't as dense as i'd like them to be but I can always do extra coats.

So, what were your favourites from 2011?


  1. Festival is so cute & I love the rainbow shatter mani. I"ve tried this one recently too and it looks crazy good!

  2. Thanks :) the rainbow shatter mani was so fun! I might do it again soon but with different colours.


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