Thursday, October 6, 2011

Trans Design Haul

I ordered from Trans Design last Tuesday and my nail polishes arrived yesterday! Last time they took 2 weeks to be delivered. I'm very impressed! I hope this isn't just a one off quick delivery. I took some bottle pictures last night and I will them to this post tonight when I get home from work.

Today I'm wearing Color Club - Wild At Heart. Unfortunately it's cloudy today so I can't see what it looks like in the sunlight. This is a holographic polish but I think my top coat may have dulled the holographic effect.

Also the Trans Design Color Club sale is now $3.10 instead of $3.00 and they have restocked the new Foiled and Backstage Pass collections.

I will try to swatch these on the weekend. The weather isn't looking too promising so there might not be enough sun but I will try my best.

From Left to Right:
Get Your Lem-On
I Always Get My Man-Darin
Yum Gum
Gimme A Grape Big Kiss

From Left to Right:
Tru Passion
Wild At Heart
Jewel of a Girl
Femme Fatale


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