Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Color Club Wicked Sweet Collection

I now have the entire Color Club Wicked Sweet Collection. This is my first complete collection. This collection is scented!

Sorry about the different lighting in these pictures, they were taken on different days. There also hasn't been much sun, it was out for about 5 minutes when I was doing Yum Gum.

Get Your Lem-On
5 Coats
A highlighter yellow with dark green shimmer. This one is sheer so try wearing it over white. It smells like lemons.

The Lime Starts Here

5 Coats
Green Neon. This is quite sheer. If you put it over white you can probably use 3 coats. It looks like it's glowing in the picture because I tried to brighten the picture a little. Judging by the name I think this is supposed to smell like lime. To me it doesn't really, it's just a sweet smell.

I Always Get My Man-Darin
4 coats
This is a sheer neon orange with dark green shimmer. Smells citrusy (is that a word?), but it's not a definite mandarin smell.

Yum Gum
3 Coats
Light pink creme. Smells like bubble gum.

Raspberry Rush
4 Coats
Dark pink neon. This is also sheer. Again wearing it over white will help to reduce the number of coats needed. I originally thought this smelled like bubble gum rather than raspberry but now that I have Yum Gum I think it more a raspberry smell.

Gimme A Grape Big Kiss
3 Coats
Purple creme. You can still see the nail line in this photo. I could have tried more coats. Smells like grape.

Wicked Sweet
4 Coats
Neon blue with dark green shimmer. I didn't notice that the shimmer was dark green at first. When I got Get Your Lem-On and I Always Get My Man-Darin I could easily tell that they had dark green shimmer and when I looked at Wicked Sweet again I recognised the same green in it. This one smelled sweet so it matched it's name.


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