Thursday, October 27, 2011

Trans Design Order

I decided to take advantage of the Essie sale on Trans Design before it ended and got 2 of the Essie Matte About You top coats. It was basically 2 for 1 with the half price sale. I also got other top coats and base coats, this was my order:

2 x ESSIE - Matte About You 15ml
1 x SECHE-Vite Top Coat 15ml
1 x SECHE-Restore Thinner 15ml
1 x POSHE - Super Fast Drying Top Coat 15ml
1 x POSHE - Nail Strengthening Base Coat 15ml
1 x Amour - Top Coat 237ml
1 x 3-Way Bottle Holder

I don't know if I've mentioned this in an earlier post but I bought a cheap matte top coat from BYS and was disappointed with the results (I took pictures and I will post them soon!), I know ESSIE works so I got stocked up on 2.
I'm going to compare SECHE-Vite and POSHE top coats, I know they are good to put over stamping as they don't make the stamp run.
I'm going to use the Amour top coat as a base for Franken polishes. Now I just have to get some bottles!


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