Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ozotic Pro Elytra

It's taken me a while but here are the swatches of the Ozotic Pro Elytra polishes. The Elytra range are colour changing glitter polishes in a clear base:

Ozotic Pro - 528
3 Coats over black

The main colour of 528 is green. The other colours I can see are purple, orange and yellow. The first picture shows some red in the bottle but I didn't notice it on the nail. Green and purple are more easily seen than the other colours.

Ozotic Pro - 529
3 Coats over black

The main colour of 529 is Blue. I can also see purple, orange and yellow. I can see a bit of red in the bottle that I didn't notice on the nail.

Ozotic Pro - 530
3 Coats over black

The main colour of 530 is orange. The other colours I see are yellow and red. This time that red is visible in the bottle and on the nail. I think I can see a hint of green on the edges of the bottle.

I got these from piCture pOlish. They now have a new square shaped bottle which is smaller than the round ones so it's cheaper - currently $14.


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