Sunday, November 13, 2011


This is my latest haul from Trans Design. This time it took 2 weeks to post, the time it took 1 week must have been a 1 off thing.

Seche - Restore, Seche - Vite, Poshe - Super Fast Drying Top Coat, Poshe - Nail Strengthening Base Coat, Essie - Matte About You, Amour -Top Coat

3-Way Bottle Holder

I had originally ordered a 237ml bottle of Amour but it didn't fit in the box so they sent me a 16ml bottle and refunded me the difference. I was going to use it as a frankenpolish base but Cathy from MoreNailPolish has told me about an Australian company that sells suspension nail polish base and tints so I'll probably buy some from there.


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