Thursday, November 17, 2011

L'Oreal Paris Resist and Shine Titanium - Deep Black - 7 Day Test

I got a L'Oreal Paris Resist and Shine Titanium nail polish that said on the bottle "Up to 7 days". I don't know what the name of this nail polish is because it wasn't on the bottle, I've looked on the L'Oreal Paris website and I think it's Deep Black. I decided to test out how long it lasted and what it looked like after 7 days. This was very hard for me because I usually change my nail polish every 2-3 days.

The formula was fine to apply but I noticed it was bubbling as it dried. It was a hot night when I applied it so that could have caused the bubbling. The picture above is right after I had applied it, this was 2 coats. It dried fairly quick and I didn't use a top coat because I wanted to test the wear of Deep Black not the top coat. After the 7 days I re-applied it on a much cooler day to see if that made any difference. You can see the picture of that last. For the next 7 days I've put the pictures first and written about the wear below.

Day 1
I woke up with sheet marks which was annoying because I thought it was dry when I went to bed. Now I had both bubbling and sheet marks and 6 days to go until I could change it. My left hand had a bit of tip wear and my thumb had chipped. My right hand also had some tip wear.

Day 2
My left hand had more tip wear and the chip on my thumb got bigger. There was also more tip wear on my right hand. I'm typing this on the train to work listening to music on my iPhone and the song Titanium by David Guetta just came on! I also notice a cut on my thumb that I don't remember getting and didn't notice before I edited these pictures.

Day 3
Major tip wear on my left hand, and thumb chipped. Not as bad tip wear on my right hand but my middle finger is now chipped. Usually I would change my nail polish as soon as I get a chip because otherwise my nails always end up breaking where the chip is. I was dying to change my nail polish and it was only day 3!

Day 4
Left hand had the same tip wear now with a chip on my pointer finger and thumb. Right hand had some major damage today. My middle finger broke where the chip from yesterday was and the other corner chipped also my pointer finger got a big chip.

Day 5
Left hand now has big chip on my pointer finger, a chip on my middle finger and a small chip on my pinky finger. My thumb is chipped and has tip wear. My right hand has tip wear except for my middle finger which is now just chipped right across the tip and also the other corner broke where the chip was. Also the same big chip on my pointer finger as yesterday.

Day 6
The chip on my left hand pointer finger is bigger and it is now also chipped on the other side, my middle finger has the same chip and tip wear as yesterday, also my thumb is now chipped on both sides. My right hand pointer finger now has a chip in the middle of my nail and has the same chips and tip wear as yesterday.

Day 7
Both hands are the same as yesterday. I couldn't take it any more I had to change my nail polish so I took it off about 6 hours before the full 7 days was up. I'm sure there would have been a few more chips in that time.

L'Oreal Paris - Resist and Shine Titanium (Unknown Name)
2 coats
Seche - Vite Top Coat
This time I applied it in cool weather but I still noticed 1 or 2 bubbles. It may just be the formula is prone to bubbling especially in the heat. I don't own any other L'Oreal polishes so I don't know if it's just this bottle or all of their polishes.

I have another nail polish to test the wear on but I am going to wait a while because the next one is a 10 day test and I have so many new colours I want to wear first.


  1. I brought you this : ) It was on sale and was only like $2 so maybe it was really old and maybe that has something to do with the bubbling cause I have two of these nail polishes and they never have bubbled for me.


  2. Yeah it might be an old one. But it was pretty good the second time I used it. The heat just made it look really bad with all the bubbles.


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