Tuesday, June 26, 2012

O.P.I - Sea? I Told You!

O.P.I - Sea? I Told You!
3 coats

Sea? I Told You! is from the Sunbelievable collection from 2009. It's a blue shimmer with metallic blue micro flakes. There is also a very subtle purple/pink flash. I wore this on a cloudy day so maybe it's more visible in sunlight. I noticed it in the bottle under artificial light. You can see a little bit of purple on the edge of my index finger. I've been told this is now discontinued which is a shame because it's such a pretty colour! I found this on on a blog sale. I can't really comment on the formula as I didn't buy this brand new but it was a little sheer. It was opaque in three coats although there's still a little visible nail line.


  1. I have this polish too :)
    I don't like it so much, because I think that is invisible and I must make 4 coat for totally opaque.

    I repeat myself you're mani is very nice

    1. Thanks, maybe you could try wearing it over a light blue next time? :)

  2. Really pretty blue!! Looks so good on you.Thanks for the swatch!


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