Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ulta3 - Magnetic Collection

A while ago (might have been last year) I had a dream that I went to my local chemist and found Ulta3 magnetic polishes! I was so disappointed when I woke up and realised it was only a dream. Then last month Ulta3 announced their new magnetic polishes. It was a dream come true haha! I found the collection last Thursday but didn't realise that there were five different magnet designs so I only picked up three. Also I'll be nubbin' it for a while, I broke a nail.

There's not a great colour variety in this collection. Mostly greys and pinky-red colours. This was a little disappointing. Each bottle including the magnet is $5.

These were the two extra magnets that I picked up. I've heard one of the other additional magnets is very similar to the diagonal magnet that each bottle comes with. The separate magnets are $3 each.

Ulta3 - Allure
2 coats

Allure is silvery brown shimmer. I thought I could see a little bit of green shimmer in this one when I looked closely. EDIT: The name Allure has been used previously by Ulta3.

Ulta3 - Enchanted
2 coats

Enchanted has silver glitter in a silver shimmer base. When the magnet is applied it brings out a dark grey and the silver glitter is more prominent. This name was used in Ulta3's last collection released a few months prior. I don't like it when companies reuse names. If they can't think of new names why not ask the fans for suggestions.

Ulta3 - Spellbound
2 coats

Spellbound is a dark grey shimmer with silver glitter, I'm also seeing very subtle green and pink glitter in the bottle but maybe my eyes are just playing tricks on me. I had trouble getting the magnetic design to show up on Spellbound. I tried four times on my ring finger to get the star pattern to work but that was the best I could do.

Ulta3 - Bewitched
2 coats

Bewitched is a magenta shimmer. When the magnet is applied it brings out a dark colour.  I think the magnet worked best with this one, which is probably why it's my favorite from the collection.

Ulta3 - Seductive
2 coats

Seductive is a purple and silver shimmer. I really liked the colour of this one but then when you apply the magnet it brings out this murky brown colour. If I wear this one again I won't be using the magnet.

Ulta3 - Hypnotic
2 coats

Hypnotic is a pink/coppery colour with purple shimmer. The magnetic design wasn't very strong on this one either.

This is what the magnets look like. They have a place for you to put your finger and then you lower the magnet over the top. I couldn't see how close the magnet was getting to my nail so I ended up using them like this:

I would rest the end of the magnet on my cuticle and get as close as I could without touching my nail to the magnet. I held it in place for about 20 seconds while blowing on my nail to help it dry.

I found the formula to be better then some of the PRC made bottles and I noticed that the bottles in this collection were made in Taiwan. I wonder if production has now moved to Taiwan permanently? 

Overall i'm happy with the collection. There wasn't much colour variety but I'm proud of Ulta3 giving the magnetic trend a go! I hope that if they release more magnetics they choose a variety of colours.


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