Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Revlon - Mint Fizz

Revlon - Mint Fizz
3 coats

Mint Fizz has silver glitter flakes and blue shimmer in a blue jelly base. This is also scented, I think it smells more like peppermint than mint. I've got mint in my garden and it smells completely different. I don't own all of the Revlon Fizz collection polishes but out of the ones I do own, this is the only one that will build up to bottle colour.

Make sure you use a base coat for this one! I only wore it for about 10 minutes while I was swatching so I didn't bother using base coat (lesson learnt). When I took it off it had stained my nails. You can see some staining on my index finger that I couldn't remove when cleaning up my cuticles. Luckily the staining wore off after a few days.


  1. Try soaking your fingers in warm soapy water. About 20 mins should do it.

  2. I brought this polish too and the same thing happened it really stained my nails and i used a base coat! i called revlon and although they were REALLY slow they sent me 2 bottle of polish as an sort of "im sorry" i was really mad when it stained my nails as i was going out to a wedding and wanted to put a light shade on and i could not. i ended up wearing black to cover it up!

    1. That sucks! :(

      I don't understand how this one can be so pigmented that it stains and the rest of the collection are extremely sheer! I'll have to double up on the base coat if I wear this again.


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