Wednesday, April 4, 2012

China Glaze - Summer Neons Collection Preview

Summer Neons is of course the Summer 2012 collection from China Glaze. It includes nine shimmers and three cremes. I didn't think I'd be getting any from this collection because I already have neons, but... neon shimmers, I don't have any of those! I'll have to wait until I see swatches before I make up my mind about getting any.

Names from left to right top row:
Love's A Beach
Hang-Ten Toes
Beach Cruise R
Under The Boardwalk
Ride The Waves
Splish Splash

Names from left to right bottom row:
I'm With The Lifeguard
Sun Kissed
Orange You Hot?
Surfin' For Boys
Flirty Tankini
Pink Plumeria

Images Source: Glam Polish


  1. I am not a huge neon fan, but there are a few that look pretty good! I need swatches first though!

    1. Splish Splash looks like it will be nice. :)

  2. MMM Shimmer Neons - looking forward to seeing that they look like!

  3. Oooh, now we're talking. :) I'm gonna cross my fingers and hope for reviews on decent formula though. My experience with neons has been sheer sheer impossibly sheer. :P

    1. Mine too! I always have to wear them over white.

  4. Finally a nail collection that I'm actually excited about! I can't wait to get the blues!


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