Sunday, January 20, 2013

OMG Nail Strips

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Brand: OMG
Price: $4.29
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OMG Nail Strips

The adhesion was good but filing made the edges a bit raggedy and overnight the edges started to lift up. I only left these on for 24 hours. I really like the butterfly design, I just wish the butterflies were smaller so I could fit more of them on my nails.

The Purple Leopard Nail Polish Strips come in a packet of 14. Again I used the 5 smallest sizes. I think it's neat they they have listed the size of each strip in mm. It was much easier to measure the strip against my nail because they were not stuck on a flat sheet like the foil strips above. You can tear each strip off individually when you are ready to apply it. These strips are made out of nail polish rather than foil stickers so they stretched to fit the curve of my nails without creasing. I trimmed off the excess length with scissors and filed down the rest. I found the nail polish strips had a much neater edge after filing than the foil strips.

After one day I had some tip wear but they didn't lift up at all. I think these would have lasted much better if I used top coat. The instructions said to "carry out a UV seal against the nail sticker". I assumed it meant a UV top coat (which I don't own) so I skipped that step.

I preferred the nail polish strips rather than the nail foil strips as they were easier to apply and lasted longer. They are both reasonably priced too, I think they are the cheapest nail strips I've come across so far.

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  1. That purple leopard is gorg!!!!

  2. Oh I love these nail strips! they look so pretty and perfect for nail designs. Love the pink one for i find it classy and girly.


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