Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Alanna Renee - Milky Way

               NAIL POLISH INFO 
Brand: Alanna Renee
Name: Milky Way
Coats For Opacity: 3 (Over Alanna Renee - Evening Amethyst)
Year: 2013
Colour: Multicoloured
Finish: Glitter
Formula: Big 3 Free
Made In: Australia
Volume: 12ml
Price: $7.99 (AUD)
Where To Buy: 
Alanna Renee (opening soon)

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  1. wow! You've been busy :) I get back from holiday and suddenly there's all these new polishes to add to me wish list. Glad I got back before the launch :)

  2. Beautiful combination!! The name fits perfectly, I was thinking of the stars when I saw the picture.

    1. Thanks Katherine, it was the first thing I thought of too. :)

  3. Ooh I love this one. I look forward to your shop opening so I can buy this one.

  4. Awww, Milky Way is beyond gorgeous - it's amazing - you are a talented indie maker, Alanna!

  5. It's a shame that international shipping is such a pain. It's really pretty polishes! :)

  6. You are super talented! Love this and the rest!

  7. Wow!!! This mani is so pretty. i find it so elegant and classy which is perfect for evening parties or any special occasion. Love it!

  8. Is there anywhere to buy your polishes and ship to Sweden except from your own store? The shipping fee is unfortunately very high (almost as high as the price for the polishes) which makes it hard for me to buy directly from you. I have bought a few of you polishes before (the whole Magic World collection, my favourite Reptar and a few more) and then I bought it from a shop in Singapore but now I can't find it..

    I would really like to buy a couple of your new polishes (2 x a bundle of joy and Santas helper foremost) but with the shipping cost it is unfortunately to expensive for me.. =(

    1. I do have a few international stockists which may have better shipping prices for you. The shop you are talking about in Singapore has moved to the UK but unfortunately my products can not be resold in the UK at this time.


      I don't often check these comments so it's best to email me about Alanna Renee -


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