Sunday, January 6, 2013

December 2012 Haul

Each month I underestimate the amount of polish I have accumulated. It's not until I photograph them for my haul post that I realise I've accumulated quite a lot! This month I didn't actually buy all the polish you see pictured below as most of them were presents.

Purchased from Pretty Serious.

I can't stop buying Pretty Serious nail polish. Kaz keeps coming out with some great shades and this time I was lucky enough to win a limited edition polish!

From left to right: Bali Mist, Let's Talk, Cinderella, Mint Apple

SinfulColors is now available in selected Target and Priceline stores I picked up four polishes. Cinderella and Mint Apple were on my wish list so I was able to cross those off. I got Bali Mist mostly for the name because I love Bali.

From left to right: O.P.I Yokohama Twilight, Chins Glaze Mummy May I, China Glaze Rainstorm, China Glaze Snow Globe, Hare Amethystos

I organised a Secret Santa for the Aussie Nails Facebook Group and this is what I received from Anthea of Nailed Obsession. She crossed most of these off my wish list and I still can't believe she found Mummy May I! I also got some nail stickers and a Rainbow Honey Sakura Matsuri scented cuticle balm stick, it smells awesome! All the polishes came with cute little bows which I'm going to leave on. Thanks so much Anthea!

My best friend Mardi got me these Ulta3 polishes and Scandal Purple Sparkle for Christmas. Check out the old school Ulta3 Bottle Green! I got in trouble for not keeping my stash list updated and she had to return all the Ulta3's that she had originally bought for me, sorry Mardi! That reminds me, I better go update my stash list after I finish this post. I'm looking forward to swatching all those pretty purples and pinks. Thanks Mardi!

My mum bought me these unnamed Beindulged polishes for Christmas. They came in a tube of 10 polishes, there was also a top coat but I haven't included that in the photo. I think these came from Kmart but I'm not sure if they were only available around Christmas time. These shades are some of my favourite colours, thanks Mum!

Lynnderella Connect the Dots was a gift from Cathy from More Nail Polish for guest posting on her blog! It also came with a personalised card that had a screen shot of my guest post. Thanks so much Cathy! I really didn't need a gift, it was a pleasure to guest post on your blog. 


  1. Hells to the yes!!! I fully support this *cough* addiction *cough* if that's the result))

  2. great haul! it always amazes me how much polish I get in one month also, at least most months :)

  3. Haha finally got you some that you didn't have! I am glad to hear your list is going to updated, I am going to always check with you now before I go shopping haha

  4. Replies
    1. Well you can look forward to swatches of these soon. Is there anything in particular you want to see? :)


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