Sunday, July 29, 2012

Born Pretty Store Stamping Polish, Plastic Scraper, Stamper and Image Plate m78

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I recently received some stamping polishes and a plastic stamper and scraper from Born Pretty Store. Metal scrapers tend to scratch stamping plates so I was looking forward to trying out the plastic scraper. 

I found the plastic scraper did a good job of scraping the polish off without disturbing the design. When I tried to pick up the design with the stamper I could only get a partial image. I tried different polishes and plates but it's always the same problem. I tried using a metal scraper and that fixed the problem. You can see the improvement below after using the metal scraper.
Sorry about my dry cuticles in this picture!

The stamping polishes worked really well except for the white. I could pick up images on the stamper perfectly but I couldn't get them to transfer onto my nail. I also tried other stampers but had no improvement. Here's the best stamp I could get with the white polish:

I used Born Pretty Store image plate number m78 for the stamps. Here's the rest of the images on the plate:

I lost my photo of the plate before it was used, you can see how much a metal scraper scratches  plates.
Born Pretty Store Stamping Plate m78

Index: Born Pretty Store Stamping Polish in Blue stamped over China Glaze - For Audrey
Middle: Ulta3 - Lily White stamped over China Glaze - Dress Me Up
Ring: Born Pretty Store Stamping Polish in Black stamped over Ulta3 - Black Satin
Pinky: Born Pretty Store Stamping Polish in Red stamped over China Glaze - Harmony

The stamps turned out great although the animal print one on my ring finger is a little patchy.

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The products in this post were provided for review.


  1. cute mani's....I like the metal scrapers, but they sure mess up the plates!!

  2. Seeing your plate I know why I can't bring myself to use the metal just looks in pain! LOL.

    1. It looks horrible doesn't it. I used to use a plastic card, it worked and didn't scratch. I switched back to the metal scraper because I found it did a cleaner scrape and I got a sharper image.

  3. I have this plate and I love the design- you did a great job with it!


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