Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Artsy Wednesday - Newsprint

**I'm on holiday and may not respond to comments**

The theme for Artsy Wednesday this week is Newsprint!

Colours used:
Grey franken

So if you couldn't tell my newsprint nails SUCK! I didn't have a light grey polish (can you believe it?) so I frankened one up. It took forever to dry which meant it was still dentable when I was applying the newspaper so I couldn't press very hard and not much ink was transferred. 

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  1. Well you have too few polishes LOL
    Well I kind of like the dark grey look - but if you want newspaper print to stand out, go for a white color...

  2. they don't suck at all! i really like them! love that grey! xxx

  3. That's a really nice grey Franken

  4. Mine didn't work great either but it was worth giving a go! I like the colour you mixed :)

  5. I actually really like the half-transferred effect! Looks very vintage and subtle, and I love that franken :)


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