Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Artsy Wednesday - Greyscale

**I'm currently on holidays and may not reply to comments**

The theme for Artsy Wednesday this week is Greyscale!

Colours used:
Ulta3 - Lily White
Ulta3 - Black Satin
China Glaze - Recycle
Grey Franken

I sponged on two to three colours on each nail. My index finger is half Black Satin and half Recycle. My middle finger is Black Satin, Recycle and a light grey franken. My ring finger is Recycle, grey franken and Lily White. My pinky is half grey franken and half Lily White. I used Essie - Matte About You for the top coat to give it a matte finish.

Sorry about the bumps. I had bits of make up sponge stuck to my nail and couldn't get them off without ruining it. They weren't as noticeable in person.

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  1. I'm hoping you have a gorgeous holiday :)
    I love your take on the greyscale, simple and yet eye catching!!

  2. Great job on the gradient! Matte was a nice choice for the gray...reminds me of chalkboards and concrete

  3. Really pretty! Loving the grey-scale :)

  4. love the matte effect! and considering u sponged it is sooo even! wow! really like this :) xxx

  5. nice!
    i follow you on bloglovin, follow me back? xx

  6. Very nice gradient! Also, cool that you literally made a "grey" "scale" :)

  7. i love your blog so i have given you a lovely blog award! check it out
    hugs tara xx


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