Thursday, September 26, 2013

Pretty Serious Hit The Road Collection

This collection has been out for a while now. I bought both of the new Halloween collections earlier this week so I thought I should hurry up and post these! This collection is based on famous movie cars.

88mph is a grey steel packed with holo glitter. The formula was thick, opaque and it dries gritty, like the liquid sand finish. I used two coats in the swatch above. This is my favourite polish from collection! 88mph is a tribute to the Delorean from Back to the Future. I love the movies, I think I'll watch them again soon!

Generally Hazzardous is serious orange with gold shimmer. The formula was great! I used two coats in the swatch above. You've probably guessed that this was inspired by General Lee, the car from The Dukes of Hazzard.

Hell on Wheels is a red creme. I used three coats for the swatch above. The formula was a little thin and I flooded the cuticle of one of my nails, probably mostly due to my lack of practice with applying cremes. I've been wearing glitters for a long time now! Hell on Wheels is a tribute to Christine, the car with an evil mind of it's own in the movie Christine.

Party Time! Excellent! has a mix of red, blue and gold hex glitter in a sheer green base. The glitter is dense enough that you can wear this on it's own. This was three dabbled coats in the swatch above. This is a tribute to the Mirthmobile from the Wayne's World movies.

Something Strange has a mix of red and white hex glitter with blue micro glitter in a clear base. This is perfect for layering and I've layered one coat over Hell on Wheels. Something Strange is a tribute to the Ecto-1, the car used by the Ghostbusters.
I've got the Ghostbusters tune in my head now! I'm going to have to watch those movies too!

Turbo Boost is a black creme with red bar glitter. I had so much trouble trying to photograph this one! It kept looking matte in the photos even though I was wearing top coat and it was very glossy in real life! I took 67 photos and this was the best I had. Turbo boost is a tribute to KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand) the car from the Knight Rider TV series.

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  1. I can't decide which one I like the best.. If they looked as good on my nails as they do on your beautiful nails I would already own them all!!

    1. I'm sure they will look just as nice on you Kellie! :)

  2. party time is really fabolous colour
    happy day


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