Friday, June 28, 2013

Pretty Serious - Naughty Night Shift Nurse & Nfu Oh - #51 Comparison

I received a few comments on yesterday's Naughty Night Shift Nurse post from readers wanting to see a comparison with Nfu Oh - #51. I thought I'd do the comparison quickly tonight before I took off NNSN.

As you can see they aren't dupes but they are similar, #51 has more of a blue base and has a higher flakie concentration than NNSN. I used three coats of each in the comparison above.

Naughty Night Shift Nurse is limited edition and another small amount of bottles will go on sale some time around August. Make sure you follow Pretty Serious so you know when that is because its the last chance you have to buy a bottle. The Nfu Oh flakies have been discontinued so they will be hard to come by soon. I got mine from Crush Cosmetics which still has a few in stock.


  1. Thanks Alanna!! It's nice to see they're not that much alike ;)

  2. Thanks for doing that, I appreciate your speedy action! They are both beautiful but I think I like NNSN a bit more (but I'm biased for the Aussies).


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