Monday, March 4, 2013

February 2013 Haul

I Can Be Really Impulsive, It Just Takes Me A While...
Good News Everybody! 

Loki's Lacquer had a sale so I picked up a few I'd been eyeing off. I love the mini bottles, they are so cute!

Glinting Lodestone
Gilded Rose
Abyssal Reflections

Femme Fatale also had a sale, 27% Off! So I picked these three up. I couldn't really afford them but I couldn't resist 27% off! Could you?

I Like Pina Coladas
Baby One More Time

My brother bought stuff online and it included free polish. As much as he wanted to keep them for himself he gifted them to me. Thanks bro!


  1. The Loki Lacquers. It just takes me awhile is really pretty :)


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