Sunday, September 9, 2012

New Pretty Purple Polish Logo

You may have noticed my new logo. I've had it for a while now. My best friend Mardi designed this for me. She did a really great job! I wasn't really sure what I wanted but she was able to come up with something I loved. 

Mardi has her own blog called The Artistic Corner, you should go check it out! If you're interested in having a logo designed for your blog you can contact Mardi at


  1. Thank you Lana : )

    Also that is the wrong logo in the post! That is dark purple version haha

  2. Love it! I commented when you first put it up but my comments don't seem to be showing up- are you blocking me??? haha kidding my stupid tablet computer doesn't like these comment thingys!

    1. I'm not blocking you :) I just found one of your comments in the spam folder, I hadn't checked it in a while, whoops!


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