Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Incoco Nail Polish Appliques

Incoco recently sent me Perfect Prom Purple and Urban Jungle nail polish strips to review. I prefer nail polish strips to nail foil stickers. These nail polish strips are made from real nail polish so they are more flexible and adhere to the curve of your nail better. These are great for a special occasion or even everyday wear. They don't need to dry so you're ready to go as soon as you've finished applying them.

If you have short nails like mine you will probably be able to get two full manicures out of one packet. Each strip is curved at both ends so if you cut it in half you should have enough for two nails. The only thing is, that because these are made from real nail polish they dry out. You'd have try and reseal the packet to keep the other set fresh.

The packet says they last up to 14 days but I didn't wear either of these for more than a week as they had started to chip by then.

I really loved both of these! I don't get a lot of time for nail art any more so I enjoyed wearing some patterns without having to spend much time on them. Also even though I have short nails the Purfect Prom Purple gradient still fit on my nails.


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  1. fabulous colours and you are right both of them are pretty :)

  2. why are you not posting as often? :(

  3. I'm sorry I'm not posting very often. Life is just very busy at the moment and I don't have as much free time to blog anymore. :(

  4. Wow gorgeous! Love these! You can do my nails for me anytime xx


  5. Hello, I think your nails look just amazing and I Love your blog as well! I look forward to read your next post :) 

    Xx julia


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