Sunday, April 7, 2013

March Haul 2013

Pretty Serious  - Elliot
Pretty Serious - Martian Sea
Pretty Serious - The Pink One
Bought from Pretty Serious

I've managed to be the first one to place an order for the latest Pretty Serious collection a few times now so this time Kaz and Ben decided I deserved a medal! Thanks so much! It was a great surprise! 

Emily de Molly - Stuck On Blue
Emily de Molly - Split Personality
Emily de Molly - Cosmic Forces
Emily de Molly - Simplicity

Emily de Molly - Ego Friendly
Emily de Molly - A Certain Shade Of Green
Emily de Molly - Serenity
Emily de Molly - Majestic Flight

Emily de Molly - coming soon
Emily de Molly - coming soon
Emily de Molly - coming soon

I was in Canberra last weekend and met up with a few local polish ladies, one of them was Hayley, the creator of Emily de Molly. I was able to knock all my EdMs off my wish list. Hayley was nice enough to give us all three of her polishes that will be coming soon. I also got the polishes below from some of the other ladies.

Witchery - Violet
Nfu-Oh - #90
BYS - Blue

Love Thy Polish - Peppermint Patty
Love Thy Polish - Royalty
Love Thy Polish - The Golden Flame

I bought these from Love Thy Polish. I haven't had a chance to try these yet but I'm really looking forward to wearing Royalty!

ulta3 - lotsa fun
ulta3 - get teal
ulta3 - lucky bamboo
ulta3 - rustic red
ulta3 -cherrylicious
ulta3 - chinchilly
All swatched here
 I bought these from Soul Pattinson Chemist in Sydney.
I also picked up the ulta3 heart me mini set, none of these have names.


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