Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ulta 3

Ulta3 Nail polishes by Heat Group are Australia's number 1 selling nail polish. You can get Ulta3 nail polishes from Terry White Chemists, Blooms Chemists, good Price Pharmacy and others. They cost about $2.25.

Here's swatches of 10 that I picked up during a buy 2 get one free sale. You may notice the length of my ring and pinky nail changes in the photos, I took my dog to the dog park halfway through swatching and broke them when she pulled on the lead, dammit! I swatched these quite a while ago so I can't remember how many coats I used. I will check and edit the post later.

Bright neon yellow.

Neon orange.

Fruit Tingle
Neon pink.

Purple Pumps
Neon purple. This is much darker in real life. Neon colours don't photograph very well.

Blue shimmer.

Pacific Fever
Green cream with tiny silver glitter.

Deep red tinged purple with tiny red and blue glitter.

Twilight Fever
Brown cream with purple shimmer and tiny red and blue glitter.
This one was really interesting. The purple shimmer is most noticeable in the sunlight. Indoors you might not notice it.

Pink, green and gold glitter in a clear base.

Confetti over Fruit Tingle


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