Thursday, September 26, 2013

Pretty Serious Hit The Road Collection

This collection has been out for a while now. I bought both of the new Halloween collections earlier this week so I thought I should hurry up and post these! This collection is based on famous movie cars.

88mph is a grey steel packed with holo glitter. The formula was thick, opaque and it dries gritty, like the liquid sand finish. I used two coats in the swatch above. This is my favourite polish from collection! 88mph is a tribute to the Delorean from Back to the Future. I love the movies, I think I'll watch them again soon!

Generally Hazzardous is serious orange with gold shimmer. The formula was great! I used two coats in the swatch above. You've probably guessed that this was inspired by General Lee, the car from The Dukes of Hazzard.

Hell on Wheels is a red creme. I used three coats for the swatch above. The formula was a little thin and I flooded the cuticle of one of my nails, probably mostly due to my lack of practice with applying cremes. I've been wearing glitters for a long time now! Hell on Wheels is a tribute to Christine, the car with an evil mind of it's own in the movie Christine.

Party Time! Excellent! has a mix of red, blue and gold hex glitter in a sheer green base. The glitter is dense enough that you can wear this on it's own. This was three dabbled coats in the swatch above. This is a tribute to the Mirthmobile from the Wayne's World movies.

Something Strange has a mix of red and white hex glitter with blue micro glitter in a clear base. This is perfect for layering and I've layered one coat over Hell on Wheels. Something Strange is a tribute to the Ecto-1, the car used by the Ghostbusters.
I've got the Ghostbusters tune in my head now! I'm going to have to watch those movies too!

Turbo Boost is a black creme with red bar glitter. I had so much trouble trying to photograph this one! It kept looking matte in the photos even though I was wearing top coat and it was very glossy in real life! I took 67 photos and this was the best I had. Turbo boost is a tribute to KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand) the car from the Knight Rider TV series.

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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Essence Me & My Ice Cream Collection

Ben & Cherries, three coats. This is a light pink shimmer. The shimmer is fairly subtle. 

Always in my Mint, three coats. This is a light green shimmer. Again the shimmer is subtle. This is my favourite out of the four polishes in this collection. 

Ice, Ice Baby, three coats. This is a mauve shimmer. The shimmer is subtle. 

Icylicious, three coats. This is a peach shimmer, the shimmer is subtle.

These four pastel shimmers are perfect for spring! I used three coats for each of the swatches. They all looked fairly sheer after the first coat so I was expecting to have to use more than three coats but they built up nicely.

The Me & My Ice Cream collection also comes with nail stickers and scented hand wipes.

The Nail Topping Stickers are small coloured beads on a clear sticker. Because the sticker is clear I wore these over Always in my Mint. The instructions say to cut off the excess with scissors, the small beads made cutting the nail stickers a little difficult. While I really love the look of these I didn't find them to be very practical. The beads were constantly coming lose and they were very tempting to pick off. These only lasted a couple of hours on me before I had picked all the beads off.

The hand wipes are scented, the scent was a pleasant fruity smell. There are 15 wipes in the packet. The wipes are just smaller than a tissue folded in half. These are perfect to keep in your handbag.

From left to right: Cone Head, Always in my Mint, Icylicious

I've never reviewed eyeshadows on my blog before so I hope my nail polish only readers don't mind. I don't think I'm good enough at doing make up to show you how these look on so I've just got arm swatches. I didn't plan my eye shadow photo very well, the order doesn't match up with the swatch photo.

As you can see these eyeshadows are pretty sheer.

Next up are the shimmer pearls and cream blush. The creme blush is quite opaque, and it was actually pretty hard to remove so perhaps its waterproof? There's nothing on the packaging to say it's waterproof though. Or this could be a normal characteristic for blush, I don't ever use it so I have no idea sorry.

The shimmer pearls are a very sheer shimmer that you can apply all over.

From left to right: Icylicious, Ice, Ice Baby, Ben & Cherries

The next product I have to review are the lip balms. These are scented and smell delicious! 

Icylicious smelt sweet and creamy, like strawberries and cream perhaps. Ice, Ice Baby smelt like bubblegum. Ben & Cherries smelt sweet but  I can't quite pinpoint what scent it was. 

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Born Pretty Store Nail Foils

This was my first experience with nail foils. I had read that you need foil glue to apply them, and somewhere along the line I'd read a description of foil glue that I thought sounded a lot like PVA glue. I didn't have any foil glue but I have plenty of PVA glue so I thought I'd try to apply the foils using that.

I started with a black base because I didn't expect to cover my entire nail with the foil. You need to make sure the base colour is COMPLETELY dry before applying the foil. I used Seche Vite top coat to speed up the dry time.

Once the base and top coat was completely dry I applied a thin layer of PVA on one nail. When the PVA had just turned clear I put the foil over my nail with the patterned size facing up (I originally attempted applying them patterned size against my nail which doesn't work lol). I used the plastic handle of an old nail file in a rubbing motion to press the foil onto my nail. The pressure transfers the foil onto your nail. This is why you need to make sure that your base colour is completely dry otherwise you'll smudge and dent it trying to apply the foil.

I worked one nail at a time so the PVA glue would still be tacky enough to grab the foil. You need to wait until the PVA has turned clear, it won't work if the PVA is still white.

Each roll of foil came in a small plastic container and you get a substantial amount of foil on each roll! Born Pretty Store has a lot of different patterned foils available on their website here. Don't forget you can use my discount code for 10% off!

The products in this post were provided for review. Please see my disclosure policy for more information.