Sunday, August 14, 2011


I got these rhinestones on eBay for $0.99 (USD) with free postage from the seller virtualvilliage-au1.
I got 1600 rhinestones so that should last me forever! They are 2mm in size which I think is a good size for my nails. One of my favourite vloggers soguesswhat11 has a video showing how to apply rhinestones.

When these arrived they were a bit mixed up because the top was ajar. I spent one night separating the colours while watching nail vlogs. Yeah I know, how could I be bothered? I don't know, I like tedious tasks.

Water Marbling

Water marbling is a nail art technique. It involves dropping drops of nail polish into a dish of water and making a design with a stick. You then dip your nail into the water and the design is transferred onto you nail. This technique can be messy. SoGuessWhat11 has a good tutorial video on how to it. She also shows you how to add the rhinestone at the end.

Water marbling using Sally Hansen Insta-Dri
Flashy Fuschia, Mint Sprint and Brisk Blue.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

China Glaze Crackle - Black Mesh

Black Mesh
Thumb: Black Mesh over Ulta3 - Citrus
Index: Black Mesh over Colour Club - The Lime Starts Here
Middle: Black Mesh over Colour Club - Wicked Sweet
Ring: Black Mesh over Colour Club - Raspberry Rush
Pinky: Black Mesh over Ulta3 - Purple Pumps

This is the first crackle polish I've owned so I can't compare it to any other brands. I thought it worked quite well. It applies easily and cracks fast.

I got this from TransDesign.

Color Club - Wicked Sweet Collection

This is Color Club's Summer 2011 Collection (Northern Hemisphere)

I bought 3 colours from the Color Club Wicked Sweet collection. This collection is scented! You can still smell them through a top coat.

The Lime Starts Here
Green Neon. This is quite sheer. I had to use 5 coats to reach full opacity. If you put it over white you can probably use 3 coats. Judging by the name I think this is supposed to smell like lime. To me it doesn't really, it's just a sweet smell.

Raspberry Rush
Dark Pink Neon. This is also sheer, I used 4 coats. Again wearing it over white will help to reduce the number of coats needed. To me this smelled more like Hubba Bubba bubble gum then raspberry.

Wicked Sweet
Neon blue with shimmer. This is sheer, try wearing it over white. I used 4 coats. This just smelled sweet to me so it matched it's name.

You can get Color Club from Trans Design or 8ty8Beauty. I would have recommended Trans Design but they put the price of Color Club up to $8 this week! 8t8Beauty is still selling them for $3. Postage from 8ty8Beauty to Sydney is $16 for 1 to 6 bottles. $32 for 7 to 12 bottles. Global Priority Mail with no tracking. I've never ordered from 8ty8Beauty before but I plan on getting the rest of this collection and I'm not paying $8 per bottle!

Ozotic Pro Multi Chromatic Shades

Ozotic Pro nail polishes are an Australian brand. You can purchase them from Picture Polish. They currently cost $14 each. They offer flat rate postage to Australia and can also post Internationally. They have great customer service so email them if you have any questions.

I bought 3 from the Multi Chromatic range and 3 from the Elytra range. These nail polishes are intended to be worn over black. I highly recommend these, they are AMAZING!

Here are my swatches of the Multi Chromatic polishes i got. I will do Elytra swatches soon::


The main colour of 504 is blue. At different angles you can also see purple, pink, orange, and yellow.

The main colour of 505 is green. At different angles you can also see purple, pink and yellow.

The main colour of 521 is purple. At different angles you can also see orange and yellow.

The multi chromatic shades are made of shimmer in a clear base. This is why it's best worn over black. The more coats you do the more shimmer particles you put on your nail. I used 2 coats in the pictures above.

Ulta 3

Ulta3 Nail polishes by Heat Group are Australia's number 1 selling nail polish. You can get Ulta3 nail polishes from Terry White Chemists, Blooms Chemists, good Price Pharmacy and others. They cost about $2.25.

Here's swatches of 10 that I picked up during a buy 2 get one free sale. You may notice the length of my ring and pinky nail changes in the photos, I took my dog to the dog park halfway through swatching and broke them when she pulled on the lead, dammit! I swatched these quite a while ago so I can't remember how many coats I used. I will check and edit the post later.

Bright neon yellow.

Neon orange.

Fruit Tingle
Neon pink.

Purple Pumps
Neon purple. This is much darker in real life. Neon colours don't photograph very well.

Blue shimmer.

Pacific Fever
Green cream with tiny silver glitter.

Deep red tinged purple with tiny red and blue glitter.

Twilight Fever
Brown cream with purple shimmer and tiny red and blue glitter.
This one was really interesting. The purple shimmer is most noticeable in the sunlight. Indoors you might not notice it.

Pink, green and gold glitter in a clear base.

Confetti over Fruit Tingle